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Need life brought back to an old gun? Or maybe you're looking for that head turning Gun Kote finish that James Bond would kill for? Look no further, Personal Defense Warehouse has your world class refinishing needs on full-auto.

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We didn't get rankings on Google and Yelp by accident. Take advantage of our gunsmith expertise and training knowledge-base. Swing by anytime and we'll keep you focused, on target, and combat effective.


Whether a hard to find rig, or a full set of customized plate-carriers, we can help you configure, assemble, and deploy the ideal set-up for your department duties. Let us know what is needed to complete the mission and come home safe.

What’s the right equipment?


There are very few weeks that go by without someone asking me:  what is the best gun to buy for defense? That is a much bigger question than it seems. There are many variables. What do you want the gun for? Just shooting, home defense; keep in the car for self-defense or to carry all the time? What size gun do you want? Look at your height (5’2” or 6’2”) it makes a difference in where you conceal (holster type vs purse), hand size (grip size of the gun), strength (can you handle the caliber recoil and slide action?), and those are only the first few things to look at. So […]

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