Customizing Lethal Lauras AR-15

Building my own Colt AR-15 rifle with owner Brian was not only fun but extremely informative. So lets go through a few things from start to finish on what I learned, and check out some pictures.

First the whole AR-15 rifle was disassembled piece by piece (as seen above) and I decided what I did not like and want on it. First things first I HATE the FSB (front sight block). One I don’t like It because I feel like it is not as accurate and taking of the FSB is the only way you can put on a free float rail which not only looks bad ass BUT in terms of functionality is the way to go. I also took off the carry handle which is also attached to the barrel. The more crap you have attached to the barrel itself the more it disrupts the harmonic balance to the barrel, or easier terms the more the barrel will move/vibrate. (picture seen below with new rail on it)


Free float rail

Next was the grip we changed it from an AZ grip to an XTech grip. The smallest changes you make on your weapon make it feel so much more comfortable. For instance we also did a complete trigger job and polishing on all internal components. We tuned all the springs to take away any play (slop) out of the trigger, so it is a crisp consistent pull with a clean break and instinctive reset.


A Finished Build

I hope you enjoyed reading about an AR getting broken down and rebuilt as well as some of the things you can do to it and why. Don’t be afraid to stop in the store or give us a call for any work you need done or questions you may have, especially you ladies.

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-Lethal Laura-

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  1. Wow, can’t wait to see the revised AR.
    Good explanation on what u changed out and why!
    I guess I’ll have to get mine back to Brian for an overhaul!

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