SCAR Suppressed Sniper

Sometimes you’re tracking a target through the bush, and the weapon needs to look damn fine while doing it. Be seen when its time to be seen, and not a moment sooner.

Tactical AR Pistol

When it comes to custom jobs, they don’t get more custom than this. A beautifully bronzed and wickedly tactical AR-47. SIG Brace, Magpul AFG. 3x on the L3 Optics. Rollin’ 7.62 like a Boss, aye Comrade’?

AR 9mm Stinger

When you’re at the range and need a show-stopper, draw a crowd with this stunningly bronzed 9mm AR configuration. Do you like it fast, or slow? Doesn’t matter. She’s fun, and maybe a little sassy but we like that.

Kriss Vector Urban Ops

Hit hard, hit fast, hit quietly. Sent back from the future to give humanity a chance against the Zombie Apocalypse, this is the top recommended (and best looking) survival tool on the market today, obviously.

Custom LVOA Rifle

Some AR’s are just sexier than others. This would be one of those weapons. But call her a safe queen and she may bite off your trigger finger.

Tac-Pump Shotgun

When bump-goes-the-night, and she sits up looking at you like “honey what the %&#@ was that?” You can impress her, and terrify the burglar with a memorable & deadly metallic green finish.

Bolt-Action Death Dealer

Just because that twelve-point buck won’t appreciate the beautiful stock finish, doesn’t mean you won’t be thrilled when the trophy pictures come back looking fantastic.