At Personal Defense Warehouse our squad is here to provide the best brands of weapons, clothing, and tactical equipment to those who demand the highest quality. With over 50 combined years in the Law Enforcement field any of our expert staff members can help you to find the best product for your specialized needs. We also handle any of your custom gunsmith, rebuilding, refinishing or repair needs. We specialize in custom modifications to almost all weapon systems, Professional Cerakoting, Hot Salt Bluing, Parkerizing, and Teflon Coating. Full Service Gunsmith! From Handguns and Shotguns to Machine Guns, Rifles, Tactical Equipment, Clothing, Ammo, Holsters, and Body Armor.

Located conveniently in Chandler, AZ we can easily service Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Chandler, Phoenix, San Tan Vally, Tempe and Scottsdale.  Oh and we love fan-mail, so feel free to send us any after thoughts or commentary you have on a piece we worked over for you!

Brian KaBar
El Capitan, Presidente’

Don’t even. On SWAT Brian was #2 door kicker, with certain death waiting on the other side. We should be able to finally display a bio for BK when business slows down just below the speed of light…


Jess Wilson
Custom Metal Fabricator

From fabrications of custom race cars, to designing guns that look like they were built to operate on mars. Jess brings many years of eye-catching automotive design to the custom weapon world. 



Glenn Negrete 
Director of Training

The guy who is saluted by Gunny’s and Master Sergeants around the world. No one is sure where he has been but we always know we can count on him to be there. He has worked with more classified units than the average guy, but that doesn’t stop his humility. 

Paul Pawela
Law Enforcement Training

35 years in the Firearms game and he has been through more intense action than a teenagers Playboy. He can teach your whole agency or department how to survive, adapt and overcome. Paul’s classes are for absolutely serious students only. 


Steve Gold 
Weapon Machinist & Designer

When it needs to go further, faster, lighter and sexier looking than everything else, Steve turns on his mill and gets to work. If you can dream it he can make it a reality. Nothing is too difficult for this 25 year master machinist. 

Lance Foust 
Training & Weapons Development

Hes been working for several different agencies over the past 25 years. His knowledge is vast and his eyes are as dark as the souls he has had to snatch. Hes a lefty but that’s only because he chooses to be. Real world counter ambush and two man team tactics are his specialty to teach on. 


Kim McNamara 
Quality Control Director

Calipers, blueprints, CMM, or just plain measurements, Kim doesn’t let anyone slide on anything. Nothing short of obsessive when it comes to quality and making sure the process is repeated over and over. 

Charlie Terefenco 
Law Enforcement Liaison

Taught by the father of all special forces trainers. He has helped to write the book on how to be high speed. However he keeps this on lock down until its ready to be spilled out. Calm cool collective, and don’t get caught on his bad side.