At Personal Defense Warehouse our squad is here to provide the best brands of weapons, clothing, and tactical equipment to those who demand the highest quality. With over 50 combined years in the Law Enforcement field any of our expert staff members can help you to find the best product for your specialized needs. We also handle any of your custom gunsmith, rebuilding, refinishing or repair needs. We specialize in custom modifications to almost all weapon systems, Professional Cerakoting, Hot Salt Bluing, Parkerizing, and Teflon Coating. Full Service Gunsmith! From Handguns and Shotguns to Machine Guns, Rifles, Tactical Equipment, Clothing, Ammo, Holsters, and Body Armor.

Located conveniently located in Chandler, AZ we we can most easily service Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Chandler, Phoenix, San Tan Vally, Tempe and Scottsdale.  Oh and we love fan-mail, so feel free to send us any after thoughts or commentary you have on a piece we worked over for you!

Brian KaBar
El Capitan, Presidente’

Don’t even. On SWAT Brian was #2 door kicker, with certain death waiting on the other side. We should be able to finally display a bio for BK when business slows down just below the speed of light…

Slaven Gunslick
International Relations

One word, Serbia. This man knows his weapons and its as simple as that.  You’d swear he moonlights for ‘the Family’ but hang tight, we will lean on Slaven for some kind of description that doesn’t get anyone pinched or clipped…

american-punisher-pdw‘Ski’ Grimm

Was it three tours or four? Any amount of time in ‘the Sandbox’ can change a man. But not Ski – after seeing the worst that humanity has to offer he is now stateside for the longterm, and a key contributor to the PDWarehouse family…!

‘Bo’ Boresight
Authenticity Expert

Bo is a mysterious man, don’t let the kind smile bring down your guard. He says he’s just a ‘mail clerk’, but we suspect otherwise. Army Sniper? SOCOM? ForceRecon? Hmm .. check back and maybe we’ll have a something declassified for civilian debrief.

Christopher Brass
Custom Creative Deployment

Christopher has an Associates of Science from the Colorado School of Trades for Gunsmithing. In addition he has 26 + years of experience with shooting sports, firearm maintenance, repair, sales and militaria collecting. Christopher has extensive experience with customization and part upgrades. It is noticeable how he applies many creative, artistic skills in his stock work, repairs, wood staining and refinishing projects. Some of his favorite jobs were with antique arms. Currently he has been honing his skills with Site installations, parts upgrades, modifications, refinishing’s, parkerizing, cerakoting, stock reworking, and finishing. Christopher is completely involved in the gunsmithing process from initial consultation through the repair. As a rule, he prefers to fully inspect the firearm before work any begins.